About me

Who am I?

… that’s a se
cret I’ll never tell. XOXO
No just kidding, Hi everyone and welcome to my website Avocado in Heels.
My name is Tamara, born in ‘91 and a girly girl ever since with a Spanish temper.
I was born and raised in Antwerp, Belgium and bought in 2016 my first house together with my boyfriend Salvatore (yes, he is Italian).
Ever since, I am confident to become the best version of myself, or as I like to call it “Fit To Be” as I have quite a way to go still.
I am also passionat
e about Beauty and Fashion. And Dogs. And Wine. And more Wine. And Travelling. And Summer Evenings.
So basically a normal girl of 28 (well euh, sort of…)

Put all of the abov
e in a blender and you have my website Avocado in Heels where you can find a lot of Green things, think Healthy Food and Recipes but also exercises and my experiences through my journey of become the healthier and better version of myself.
There’s also a part of Pink things for all the other girly girls among us or others who are interested in Fashion and Beauty Trends as well as some tips and tricks and product reviews.
Thank you for visiting my website and don’t hesitate to leave a comment or check my profile on Instagram for more inspiration and daily pictures!


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