The Avocado: Health Benefits You Didn’t Know Yet


Nowadays the avocado is everywhere, from breakfast bowls to very own restaurants that serve Avocados on everything – LITERALLY on Everything.
It’s often called a superfood and here below I’ll give you six reasons why.



Ok nothing new, but what does this exactly mean?
Well, about 80% of its calories are from fats but these are healthy fats, or also known as monounsaturated fat acids.
It’s full of fat, but won’t make you it (we like).

As fats have a direct impact on your cholesterol levels, on both, it’s important to be aware of your intake of fats.
Avocados reduce the bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase the good one (HDL).


This second health benefit is linked to what’s also mentioned here above.


Cholesterol levels have an impact on our Heart. The higher the LDL cholesterol level in our blood, the more risk we have on heart diseases. Shortly summarized: the more bad fat we have in our blood, the more difficulties our heart will have to pump the blood around – NOT GOOD.

Therefore, it’s important to have a limited LDL and to have a good ratio between both cholesterol levels. The average maximum of total cholesterol allowed is about 190, but for more information please check this with your doctor.




Avocados are packed with antioxidants which neutralize free radicals – WAIT WHAT?
<<<< Let me restart.
Free radicals are little molecules that can badly react with certain cells in our body.
Bu here come antioxidants to the rescue! They are found especially in Vitamins A-C-E that help to protect our body from these radicals.
However, Avocados are fully loaded with antioxidants, which help to protect us and keep us healthy!



You won’t get any younger by eating avocados like a mad one, but you will see already very quickly that it will help you with the little flaws that sometimes age brings along.
Besides good fats, Avocado contains chlorophyll, which reduces inflammation. It’s also full of water which hydrates you and your skin. In addition, let’s not forget the vitamins:

  • Vitamin E brings along a soft skin and helps to fill up those wrinkles:
  • Vitamin C that helps with the formation of Collagen;
  • Vitamin A recovers the skin and is great against the dark circles under our eyes.

Avocado Mask


As many benefits are related to our skin. So, it’s not so shocking that I recommend to not only eat these healthy greens but also to use Avocado in your beauty routine!

Try a mask with Avocado and Coconut Oil for your face or hands. Apply it for 30 minutes and you will feel as soft as baby,



Let’s not forget that being happy makes you healthy as well, so eat those Nachos with Guacamole on Friday or that Avotoast on Saturday.
Or enjoy the little things in life like finding that Perfect avocado while doing groceries.


6.  Helps in your weight loss journey

Not only does it contain good fats, there is more good news!
Avocados are full of fibers, which help you feel saturated for quite a while. This will avoid cravings coming up in-between meals.

Also try to use Avocado Oil for baking or to add additional flavor to your Salads or even make a dressing with it.
Avocado Oil is also great for healthy frying as it has a high smoke point (250°C).


Craving for Avocado after reading all of this?

That’s what I thought so here is a recipe of amazingly good Avocado, Spinach and Ricotta Wraps. 


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