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Because wearing pajamas and drinking wine in stores is sometimes just too awkward.


Online Shopping


Online shopping has become the most popular way of shopping.
We ladies know all the websites by heart or they already have that special place in our favorites bar in our browser.

Anyhow, we’re the queens of online shopping.



For those who are always willingly to discover new websites, you are going to like this!
Let me introduce you to MAMZEL, a company with a big range of amazingly fun and cute stuff to pimp up your home and closet. But wait, there’s more…
You also have the possibility to arrange a homeparty where you get to see and test already the many items including a lady Mamzel whom you can ask anything and will love to give you more information where needed.

Last winter my cousin has arranged such an evening with friends and family.
I must say that it didn’t look anything like other Homeparties or just another must-have gadget for my kitchen.
These are very unique pieces (especially the handbags) and not only helpful things, but also trendy which make you want to put them on the counter instead of in the closets.

And isn’t that what we all want? Not only useful but also good-looking little helpers in our home?


Approved by me

One of my favorite items is the apero set which is a great piece of decoration when not used.Apero Set Mamzel  Design Apero Set Mamzel
Update: the L’Apéro set is currently out of stock, but check the website regularly.

Something else which I think is very handy is the reusable lunch bag. No more messing around with foil or anything else.

Things for the little ones

Let us not forget the little ones.
No expert on this part, but they also have a adorable items for children and babies!
Not going to hide I’m a panda lover, so you can’t be surprised that I wish this towel and wash cloth was also available in a larger size.

I mean look at it.. How cute is this?!


Can’t wait to see more?
Check out their website Mamzel.eu  (shipping to Belgium and The Netherlands only).

Let me know here below what you think of the website and the many items and which one you like the most !

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