Nothing a little Saturday Brunch can’t fix

When you’re turning 27 years old, you start having brunch on Saturday instead of cocktails on Friday night.
And to be honest, I don’t mind at all!

So end January I turned 27 and therefore I invited some friends over for a Brunch.
Didn’t want to overdo it, but also don’t want my guests leaving the house with an empty stomach.

I wanted to make a sort of buffet so everyone gets to choose what they want. Also bearing in mind that one of my friends is pregnant, so bye bye smoked salmon for her.
So, the question remains, what did I make? Lots of goodies which I hope could  give you some ideas too for organizing a little Ladies Brunch with a touch of Pink.


What we actually ate for Brunch

No Brunch like a Brunch with Bubbles, right? I mean brunch is at noon already. To start with I opted for a Pink Cava, a non-alcoholic Pink Pomegranate drink and of course Orange Juice!
And coffee. Lots of good coffee.

Some mini croissants and chocolate buns are an absolute must for the breakfast part, as well as some yoghurt and homemade Granola. I also did put up a big bowl of fresh fruit which seemed too much for five people, but the bowl was empty after two hours. So, mission accomplished of having my friends eat healthier.

Avocado Salmon Salad


Now I wouldn’t be Avocado In Heels if I didn’t put up something with Avocado…
A small salad with smoked salmon and avocado is my favorite, but put it all on the table so they could assemble their own plate or sandwich.





Eventually I served too much, but didn’t mind at all that the Quiche was fully untouched.
My boyfriend and I ate it in the evening with a side salad.

Some pictures of this Saturday

So maybe it wasn’t an Upper East Side brunch, but we sure enjoyed it! And because of that, it suddenly doesn’t feel so bad anymore of turning 27…
Because when I’m with these girls I feel exactly the same as 10 years ago at high school. Crazy Stupid  Love Friendship.


Aaaaand… they brought presents (I like). They really know me best, because there’s only one thing I like more than Food, Cooking and Bubbels and that is Not have to Cook and just eat good Food with a glass of Bubbels.
Yeah Baby!

Birthday Presents


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