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Time to live up to those New Year’s Resolutions!

And because not all of us can afford a personal coach, I’m giving you a review of my favorite Calorie and Lifestyle Tracking App called Lifesum.
More and more people are trying to keep track of their eating habits. They do this by counting calories through apps. Now Lifesum is one of the many apps which helps you to make better (read: healthier) choices.

Getting Started

You give up your personal weight, length and age and separately what your goal weight would be.
Note: you can change these settings, but please don’t set less than 1300 calories a day as this isn’t healthy anymore.

Based on this information you will see a suggestion of calories intake per day and how long it will take to achieve your goal.

Now you are ready to eat, uhm to start!
Add food by searching through the database or by simply scanning the barcode of the item.
In the basic version, you can see the amount of proteins, carbs and fats in your food. But you can upgrade to the Premium version which gives you also the details of fibers, sugars and even cholesterol levels per item.

Don’t forget to add your exercises as well!

Are you already using other apps such as Runkeeper, Fitbit, Moves, Endomondo or Google Fit. then you can link these to Lifesum which will add your burned calories to your diary automatically.

– Fun motivation fact: ironing burns 136 kcal per hour –

Special Features

A rather new feature compared to a while ago, is your own Life Score per week.
It is not based on your process in calories or weight, but based on intake of full grains, water, fruit, sugars etc.

Must say that this is quite confronting sometimes as this gives you a view on the other side of just losing some pounds: being healthy and eating varied.

After the Christmas and New Year’s Holidays I’m back at 101 which is stable.

– Eating Healthy is more than just calories and weight –

As above already mentioned, you can upgrade to the Premium version. It is not an absolute must, but of course you can get more out of it.
Few examples: additional nutritional facts on all food items, choose from different kinds of diets. And you can keep track not only of your weight but also on your body measurements.

With Premium, which is even less than 4€/month, you have access to the Recipe database from Lifesum and also recommended recipes based on what you already ate earlier that day.

What makes Lifesum better than the other apps?

  • What I like most is that each item or ingredient has a rating. A rated is for the best product and E for ‘Excuse me, are you going to eat this?’.
  • Lifesum has an enormous database of ingredients, but also complete meals from all around the world. This gives everyone the opportunity to enjoy the advantages of the app to the fullest.
  • You can add your own food, by entering the full recipe and the number of separate portions. And then just by one click you have full details per portion (and the insight of maybe taking a smaller portion).

Just try for yourself and get the app for free now in the App Store or through Google Play.

Convinced to keep track and make it to a Healthier Lifestyle? Check our more Healthy Recipes HERE.

PS: The screenshots were in Dutch only in this post, but you got it right?!

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