My Life as a (small) Blogger so far

It has been such a long time since I actually posted something on the website again, excusez-moi! Not very good points here as a Blogger.

But as the title already implies, I am sharing my personal (short) story here of what happened and what I have experienced so far.
Sorry in advance if everything is not in chronological order, getting older myself as well.

To start with, I still find it hard to completely throw myself out there. Not that I`m the shy type, but I just don`t want to overdue it.
What I did learn, is that not every picture has to be perfect. Sure I can create a flawless account, but I wouldn`t be the real me. Now don`t get me wrong, I am blown away sometimes by these kind of accounts. Just ain`t me when you know that I drop things and ruin the kitchen counter on a daily basis, #NoMissPerfect

Next is that I got more followers, still a small amount but that`s okay. More importantly is that I got to discover so many great accounts which inspire me on a daily basis. Just hope that somehow I can do the same for others out there.

Got to meet Sofie from @Sophia_Getfit, with whom I did a small interview for the Studentpaper of the University of Antwerp,
You can read the article here below, but it`s only in Dutch.

Artikel Dwars UA


Also got a small collab as an actual blogger which is more behind the scenes, but already very grateful for that. It’s something I really can associate myself with, so it’s a win-win situation.

Since I started Avocado In Heels, my boyfriend did start a business of his own in Webdesign called RSite Design.
And saying this really objectively, he is very good at it! And not only on the webdesign, but the tips and tricks he can provide on SEO are so worth it.
Note to self: the BF really needs to find the time to give my website an upgrade and new look!


Before I forget, we went to the opening night of Okoz Food Truck in Antwerp.
They serve delicious food being Okonomiyaki. This is a Japanese dish, but ‘pimped’ to our Western habits and flavours.

Okoz Food

Further than that, I made a lot of food. And ate a lot of food, But I`m trying to focus more on posting new content here for you guys. Like recipes for the blog or other related things I can post about,
My last recipe is for these Chocolate Energy Bites, which are so good and don’t require any advanced cooking skills.

Future upcoming Blogger things

As said above, I want to create more content to actually post on my website here. So, not just only on Instagram or in my Stories or through Facebook.
I’m thinking of more experimenting with cooking and coming up with more and new recipes. Okay, I admit that there are already many (more talented) foodbloggers out there.
But I just like what I do and it’s not about becoming famous or having thousands of follower on IG. On the other side, my clumsiness can be a positive thing here as I mostly create Food that’s rather easy to make.

And let’s admit, isn’t that actually what we all want…
Healthy, but delicious Food which doesn’t require a lot of Hocus Pocus in the kitchen?

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