Chocolate Energy Bites without feeling Guilty

If you’ve never heard of Energy Bites before, then welcome to a whole new world now!
These little ones are just great.  You don’t need much ingredients and they are so easy to make, like really easy (we like!).
And wait unntil you tasted these Chocolate Energy Bites.

Energy Bites are great snacks which contain no Sugar, but still give you the necessary energy until the next meal. They help to still that small hunger around 10 AM and/or 3 PM (and 9 PM?). #NeverNotEating
I’m a big fan of the Chocolates such as Rafaello and Ferraro Rocher, but I have to say that these are amazingly good alternatives!

Most recipes for Healthy Desserts or Snacks are rather complex and have many ingredients. However, these Snacks are really so easy to make (you’re welcome).


Roll those Energy Bites

Move over quickly to the recipe below and start making your own. Don’t forget to tag me or use #AvocadoInHeels for your own creations!
Curious on your skills and your opinion about these, So let me know!

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Chocolate Energy Bites
Chocolates are to die for, but not so healthy and packed with lots of Sugar. These Energy Bites are sweet enough and so delicious and you can eat these without feeling guilty.
Prep Time 10 Min.
Passive Time 30 Min.
Prep Time 10 Min.
Passive Time 30 Min.
  1. Start with soaking the dates in some water and put aside
    Soaking Dates
  2. Take all other ingredients and equipment to start. Take the foodprocessor and mix the Almonds and Cashews until it has a smooth texture.
    Energy Bites ingredients
  3. Add the soaked dates and mix all until all sticks well together.
    Nuts and dates paste
  4. Chop the Chocolate to pieces. (You can mix it with the Nuts as well, but then you won't have the chunky Chocolate pieces in the Energy Bites.) Then gently stir the chocolate under the Nuts/Dates mass.
    Chocolate 86%
  5. Wet your hands a bit and start rolling. One Bite is about one full tablespoon. Add a hazelnut in the middle for the Ferraro Rocher look-a-like..
  6. Roll the Bites through the coconut and put them for about 20-30 minutes in the fridge.
    Energy Bites
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